Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Keeping the Connection

To say she was scared out of her mind would be an understatement. She tried everything she could possibly think of. She hit the power button what seemed like a dozen times. She even pressed it and the volume button as hard as she could ,but got the same results each time....NOTHING. Her mother's phone was broken and it was all her fault. A few minutes earlier she'd been doing something that most nine year olds do. She'd planned on streaming a little background music to do homework to  when the phone slipped from her hand onto the cold hard concrete of the driveway.  When she picked it up it was dark with no signs of life. My youngest daughter ran to grab the charger and plugged it into the wall hoping her mom wouldn't ask for the phone any time soon. As she waited for the screen to show some sign of life she whispered a faint prayer for God to perform a miracle. As she did a tear ran down her eye. Still NOTHING!

At this point my daughter had to go face the music and tell her mom. She prepared herself for the oncoming wrath. On her way downstairs to fess up she grew weak realizing that she'd also have to hear me give one of my lectures on being more careful...with a little yelling thrown in as well. In her mind with this one act she'd committed would be the cause of the entire family being mad at her...ruining the entire weekend. As she told my wife the truth of what happen with a panicked shaky voice something weird happened. My wife simply said, "ok thanks for telling me...it's no big deal."  "What in the world did she say!!!?", my daughter thought. When I arrived home instead of lecturing her or screaming, I reminded her that she's more important than a cell phone. Some would say my wife and I would've been within our rights to yell a little bit about dropping an expensive iPhone. Maybe on a different day we would've. In this particular case there were two take aways for my wife and myself to process through:
1.) There could be something we needed to work on with our parenting style if our child was so terrified of us because she dropped an inanimate object.
2.) I'm pretty happy that she tried to problem solve her way out of the situation before panicking.
3.) She ran to us with honesty when she needed help.

For all the days that I've blown it as a parent, I'm glad that for some reason I was on my "A game" that day. Only time will tell but I think something powerful happened in my daughter's heart that day. I know something happened in mine when I looked into her little relieved eyes.

The Dad Days go by quickly. Let's work hard to make sure they are filled with moments like this where we keep things in perspective. Our wives and children are the most important parts of our lives...not the job, not the latest gadgets, and not the clothes. Make sure your loved ones know that they're a priority.