Thursday, January 18, 2018

Compassionate Kids

Finding children that are focused on themselves is pretty easy thing to do. I just saw the most absurd story about a 16 year old who posted videos of himself on YouTube biting into a Tide detergent pod. YouTube removed the video, but immediately posted it to Twitter, When asked why he was so determined to endanger his health just to get this video out, he mentioned he just wanted to get more hits. Social media is filled with kids doing some of the dumbest most dangerous stuff all in the name of SELF.
But what about kids that are looking out for their fellow man? It makes me feel good as a person to see kids being assets to society. Nothing brightens my day like an "end of the newscast" type story about a young child helping someone out. I was recently blown away by my own child doing just that. As we were putting our daughters to bed, my youngest began to cry uncontrollably. I thought at first it was the normal not wanting to go to bed shenanigans that flare up from time to time but I would soon find out this was something out of the norm. My daughter went on to inform us that she was really sad because she keeps thinking about the homeless people who are living outside while the temperatures are freezing cold. She went to say that she wanted to do something for them. So the next day, my wife took her to the store to buy supplies to start her homeless handout drive. She picked up bottled water, a hat, a pair of gloves, hand warmers, an applesauce cup, and a pack of tissues. All of these items were spread out on our dining room table so that we could begin the assembly line that would place these items in big freezer bags for the homeless. They were then loaded into the trunk of the car and eventually handed out to random homeless people as we encountered them. Wow! I was totally blown away to think that my 8 year old has that much compassion for a complete stranger. It kind of made me feel like I got something right and that she has been listening to her mother and I as we've tried to teach her about being compassionate towards others like God called us to. It also made me feel good that I gave her the benefit of the doubt that night she cried right before bed. We would've all missed out on an opportunity to do something great for a fellow human being if I'd simply dismissed her. So make sure you're listening and showing empathy towards your kids. You just never know when they're going to blow you away with something amazing.

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