Monday, January 2, 2017

Just Color

It's the new year and everyone is making resolutions as normal. Most of them will be broken by February 1, but some of them will stick. One of my resolutions is to color more. There is so much going on in the world right now, that can easily get people feeling bogged down. I've had my share of rough days of carrying the world on my back. My daughter turns to me the other day and asked, "What's wrong dad?" Shocked that she could pick up on my mood, I replied, "I'm a little stressed right now." Without missing a beat, she instinctively went to the bookshelf and said, "You need to color dad." At that point I realized my only option was to agree and comply with her suggestion. I was still preoccupied with the problem I was facing at this point. The more I started to rub the crayon on the page though, I actually found myself slowly erasing everything that had been weighing on my mind. Before I knew it, all I cared about was trying to find the"Fire Engine Red" crayon. Our recent election cycle has been a taxing journey that has left many Americans feeling emotionally drained.

"Coloring can be the stress reliever we dads have been looking for, as well as the much needed bonding time our kids are craving."

Well, my daughter has the key to helping everyone find their happy place. That secret apparently is coloring books. Maybe this is why there is a rise of "adult coloring books" popping up on the shelves at your local Wal-Mart. A recent CNN article discussed the mental health benefits adult coloring. In our world that is consumed with live tweeting and updating our statuses, coloring allows us to reconnect to a less stressful time when all we cared about was crayons. The point here is that coloring books give us a good means of slowing down. It's so easy to reach for our cell phones to check this or that only find more social media drama...aka stress. Coloring has the exact opposite effect. Pick up a coloring book today and try it. You'll be glad that you did. I think our politicians and world leaders need to allow more time in their schedules for coloring in 2017. Coloring can be the stress reliever we dads have been looking for, as well as the much needed bonding time our kids are craving. Power to the Crayon!!!

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