Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Alan Thicke's Impact On Fatherhood

Hollywood and the world is morning the lost of a great actor, Alan Thicke who is the father of R&B singer Robin Thicke. I recently discovered that Alan Thicke wrote and sang the theme to Different Strokes. The late “Mr. Seaver" from Growing Pains, composed several well-known jingles to television shows during the 70’s and 80’s? It makes perfect sense now. Considering the musical career that Robin’s father had, it all of a sudden makes perfect sense. This kid probably had music on 24-7 in his house while growing up. It is quite naturally in his DNA to be musically inclined.

My point in all of this is that a father’s legacy is something that God gives all of us dads and we should take this seriously. Alan Thicke's kids have some of his talent genetically, but it was his commitment to fatherhood, that nurtured their talent. The many dreams and aspirations that burn deep inside the hearts of us fathers (and mothers for that matter) are not just some “silly dream.”  It is part of God’s design. I remember talking with my biological father about my career as a television producer. We were on the phone and I simply mentioned my career path and the phone went dead silent. I asked if he was still there and he said, “yes.” I asked about the silence and he said, “I can’t believe you just said that. I’ve always been fascinated by video cameras and television. I wanted to get into that line of work but never did.” I was somewhat blown away that day myself.
"Alan Thicke's kids have some of his talent genetically, but it was his commitment to fatherhood, that nurtured their talent."

You see, I didn’t grow up with my father, which means he had very little influence in my development over the years. So, there’s no way possible for me to have chosen my career path because of something he mentioned. I was well into my education and career when we had that conversation that day. There was something “hardwired” into my DNA that I apparently inherited from my father that inevitably influenced my professional goals. My wife and I can only imagine what accomplishments our daughters will achieve as they grow up with the hopes and dreams that have been transferred to them through our DNA.

Alan Thicke not only wrote music for family shows, he was very much the family man. Many have commented on how in spite of his successful career, his family knew that they were his priority. The fact that he passed away spending intentional time with is son is fitting. From his music, to his shows, and books, Alan Thicke seems to have made the most of his Dad Days. His role on Growing Pains helped shaped my fatherhood style.

So, I encourage fathers to take seriously that book, blog, or movie you keep saying you’re going to get to one day. Stop putting off going back to school to get that degree because you’re not sure how it will turn out. It will turn out fine!!! Your wife, your kids, your community, and your world need you to be everything that you were put on this Earth to be. Your Dad Days are uniquely yours!!! Go out and make a difference!!! I’ve got your back!