Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Labor of Love

"Dad... I wish this day would never come to an end." They're just a few words but their impact spoke volumes to me the other day. They came as my oldest daughter and I were enjoying a few moments around the house together during Labor Day. Earlier that day, she, her sister, and I hung out for a few hours at the Children's Museum. It was like Christmas morning as they ran from one interactive display to the next. Each display was like opening a new gift.
 My wife had taken them previously, but they were eager to share the experience with me. I'm definitely glad that they had the bright idea on my day off. Somewhere between the oversized chair and the giant bubble maker, I connected with my inner child, forgetting all of the adult sized things on my mind. We returned home to frisbee playing, a little garage cleaning, an ice cream truck break, and a family game of UNO. Overall, it was pretty much a perfect day. Which brings me back to my daughter's comment. From my perspective, it was just a normal day that I took the kids to the museum to give my wife and "homeschool hottie" a break. My daughters saw it as so much more. From their perspective, the guy in their life who they love more than anything, is stopping everything to just do what we want to do. I cannot stress enough how much just doing something as simple as going to a museum or throwing a frisbee around means to our kids. The fact that mom or dad is willing to put down their devices to fully engage them in activity that THEY enjoy means more to them than all of the money in the world. I'm not able to prove it (yet), but I think that my daughters have a bit more confidence when they look up and see me taking time off from work to attend their plays or games. As parents we have to remind ourselves that what is small to us is huge to our kids and what is huge to us is quite often small to our kids. From the time our children are born we only have 936 weeks before they're 18 and moving out of the house. This is why the Dad Days are so important...make them count!