Saturday, April 25, 2015

An Ounce of Prevention...

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Benjamin Franklin once said that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." He was basically saying it is better to prevent something bad from happening than to have to deal with it after the fact. Over the past few weeks I've thought about this saying in regards to the recent murder conviction of former NFL star Aaron Hernandez is the epitome of a life wasted. This guy had all type of success stories on the football field but just couldn't seem to get his personal life together. I understand that at the age of 16 his father passed away leaving him devastated. Having lost my mother and adopted father, I can definitely relate to the pain. That time in a kid's life is crucial and hard to manage without parental involvement. I am puzzled as to where the "surrogate" fathers, coaches, and  mentors were during the years immediately following the death of Aaron's dad. Were there any in his life? Did they speak up and try to keep him out of the streets? Or were they afraid to say anything because they didn't want to "rock the boat" and jeopardize their connection with this great football standout. I just find it hard to believe that throughout high school, college, and the NFL, that no one tried to intervene in this guy's life. This is the exact reason why I am such a proponent of mentoring, foster care, and adoption. There are so many young men and women that are trying to cope with everyday issues in a world that seems to have completely lost its moral compass. When our media forces us to listen to the intricate details of why a father and former Olympian wants to change his gender-we desperately need "real" dads to stand up and be a voice for what's right. Each of us can make a true difference in a child's life by spending a few minutes with them a week. As I've mentioned before there are so many ways to get involved in your community. Here are few more organizations that you could work with to prevent more stories like Hernandez's from happening:

Man Up Opportunities

Big Brothers and Big Sisters


National Fatherhood Initiative