Sunday, December 7, 2014

Taking Time Out

Taking "timeout" with my girls
Every parent has at some point used timeout to discipline their kid. Getting your little tike in on some corner time after repeated disobedience has at least two benefits-1.) It's an effective alternative to spanking. 2.) It gives mom or dad a chance to regroup or calm down. But what about putting the parents in timeout for a change? Now hear me out...I'm not advocating sending daddy to the corner. What I am saying is that often times everybody needs a break from the everyday routine. The other day I decided to at least take some time out for my kids. I took a day off to attend a field trip with the wife and kids. I normally take an hour or two to attend a function but I felt like this was the day that I needed to give them my whole day. The day began with me thinking about the office but that only lasted for about an hour. After that I was fully focused on our day at the zoo. We saw lions, tigers, and bears. My favorite part was getting a chance to see the erratic flight pattern of an extremely rare white crow (I didn't know they even existed)! We also fed apple slices to a horse and a mule. Both kids and parents alike were thoroughly enjoying their "timeout" session. We stopped by one of their favorite restaurants for lunch and of course got an earful about what is happening in their world.  Now I could've had a normal day at the office with constant demands from customers and emails about the most recent department budget cutbacks. Instead, I spent the day listening to the people in this world that truly matter the most to me. There are a lot of things that this dad doesn't know but one thing is for certain, I will never get tired of hearing my daughter say, "Dad this is the best day ever!"

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