Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What Are The Dad Days?

They say that there isn't an instruction manual for being a good father-not that we would read it anyway. Most of the dads I know just do what they saw their dad do or didn't do growing up. Others like me, just try to figure it out while "on the job." Most of the time we're not really sure how well we're doing. There is one day that we do get a progress report on our daddy skills. The holiday centers around gifts like a gaudy tie or a pair of socks. I'm talking about Father's Day. It is when we as a nation set aside a day to honor dads.
Each year, kids, wives, and girlfriends, go out of their way to find that one special gift that fully embodies just how special dad is.  I personally look forward to it because my kids always make me really creative cards. But what about the other 364 days of the year when:

1.)  The car has broken down for the 5th time in 2 months
2.)   Two of your buddies need you to help them move this Saturday ("It's not that much stuff.") YEAH RIGHT!
3.) You're working late and you suddenly realize that it was your turn to pick up the kids!
4.) The hot water heater is leaking again--this time it's soaked the new sofa your just got last week.

 On those crazy days of being Superman, let's face it a guy could use a few minutes in his Fortress of Solitude watching Sportscenter, eating wings, and having a cold drink. This is where the Dad Days blog comes in. Through personal stories from myself and other committed dads, I believe we can inspire one another during those other 364 days of the year which I refer to as the Dad Days. These are during those ordinary days where we're running all over the planet making a living while trying to be a good hubby and daddy.  I know we're guys and we don't need any help, but just maybe together we can unlock some of the keys to successful fatherhood while proudly wearing our gaudy ties and new socks!

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